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Would you like to get a unique product that increases your competitive advantages, profits and customer loyalty  quickly and without any financial cost?

Nothing is easier!

Start your online sales Certificates confidence and certificates for installation services.

We are ready to elaborate and show how to do it

Certificate of Confidence. Additional Warranty - is an agreement for servicing domestic electronics which gives for the owner right for free of charge servicing (diagnostics, service, logistics of main domestic appliances) and exchange after warranty period warranty for no repairable electronics. Action period starts from the last day of producer’s warranty. Buying this certificate for 1-2 or 3 years customer can opportunity to prolong free of charge warranty period.  Customer save himself from unforeseen costs on future, you receive additional profit.

Certificate of Confidence. Additional Service - is an agreement for servicing domestic electronics which gives for the owner right for free of charge servicing, consultation, diagnostics and preventive measures for working appliances. This service is registrated once a year, but not earlier than 3 months after registration of agreement. Installation.

Certificate for installation services - is  a product of our company, which gives opportunity for your customer to buy installation service. It’s your opportunity to increase the profitability of every purchase and to extend assortment of your services: cable and satellite television, consumer, built-in, HVAC equipment, audio, video, licensed software sold in your store.

You can join to working program.

You needn’t  spend money and other resources for starting program.

You’ll receive profit from the first days. Increasing profitability your sales and return of advertisement costs thanks to commission percents for every certificate. It’s very important in time of hard competition.

Expansion assortment of  services increases loyalty your customers.   

Reducing number of consumer’s complaints. Our call-center will work with complaints and questions.       

Detailed report about quality your goods for future plans of purchase.

And also:

Supporting your sales: free of charge advertising materials, consultancy and training your stuff.

Quick and simple procedure of registration every certificate ( by Internet too).

Are you interested in receiving additional profits with no initial costs and investments  and  without taking away your time from main  business?

We will consider various proposals for cooperation!
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