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It is not a secret that service network organization is long and costly process . However, the availability of the service network associated with the Brand reliability. That directly impacting on sales.

How can you quickly and cost efficiently build a Service Network all over Ukraine?

We are know how to do it.   

The company's specialists will organize Warranty and Post-Warranty service of your equipment with no initial costs and investments, without  taking away your time from main  business.


As an integrated service provider, the company "Travers" has a partnership network of 74 service centers throughout Ukraine, which is constantly expanding. That’s why, we can quickly expand your existing service network, or create for you a service network from beginning to end. We can also create and administer a program of additional service for your own brand too.

In addition, we have interesting proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of operational deliveries of spare parts from your central warehouses. 


Are you interested in increasing the level of consumer confidence in your technique, and consequently increasing sales volumes, due to a reliable and qualified service during the warranty period with no initial cost and without interruption from the main business?

We will consider various proposals for cooperation!

Send information about your company and your contact information.


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