Home Services

Whoever you are: a buyer of home appliances, the representative of the trading network, service center or manufacturer, the company "Travers" is able to offer you all services in which you are need.


For manufacturers

It is not a secret that service network organization is long and costly process . However, the availability of the service network associated with the Brand reliability. That directly impacting on sales.

How can you quickly and cost efficiently build a Service Network all over Ukraine?

We are know how to do it.   


For retailers

Would you like to get a unique product that increases your competitive advantages, profits and customer loyalty  quickly and without any financial cost?

Nothing is easier!

Start your online sales Certificates confidence and certificates for installation services.

We are ready to elaborate and show how to do it


For customers

Manufacturers declares warranty terms for 1 to 3 years on consumer electronics and household appliances they produce. And aren't you going to use it more than 3 years? What to do if it has broken down after the warranty has expired? Reparing this equipment may cost much more than buying a new one!


For Service Centers

Would you like to increase the number of new customers, increase profitability, to get free publicity and new authorization? Become a Service Partner, "Travers. "